Month: October 2017

Tell Us More  Fariba Vafi Translation by Saghi Ghahraman Women tend to acknowledge the meaningful facts in life through details. Most of them don’...

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Tell Us More

They had cut us Limb by limb, They had hung us On the entrance Of the marketplace Flowing in the air was the scent of water Spring and us were sautée...

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Then, all of a sudden, we are here, perched on a frozen solid ground. Wind slowly whirls away, there is no rain, it only snows slowly down. Food is pl...

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We’re Here, All Of A Sudden

On 4:30 a.m., Morning is overwhelming . Water is heavy, over the riverbed body, there, on the Mill Dam . Beyond Margaret’s window, night lingers, lo...

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Building My Homes

I can’t be with-child, I told them. I’m a child; I’m only 3-years-old You’re 43, they said. Besides, you already have one. Oh, I said. Then, I...

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The Child Is 18

The woman in love has Eyes like saucers Jammed with quivering worms Blind of sight, her nostrils Sharp to smells of darkened corners Pale and warm, he...

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