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When Shargh Newspaper was shutdown in Iran for publishing an interview with Saghi Ghahraman, a spokesperson of  Iranian Ministry of Culture official, on 2007, Saghi Ghahraman is “a counterrevolutionary figure known for promoting immoral issues”. However, reviews of her work by critics, say her poetry “strips the word to liberate sexuality lying  beneath”; “and to celebrate an unveiled body free to choose how to identify Self”; “she attempts to de-stigmatize terms of a sexual nature through her writing; by letting in words previously banned in Farsi literature, she redefines their connotations, puts them in a truer light”.

She fled her Iran on Autumn 1983 following a brief arrest on the Spring of the same year, and months in hiding afterwards, when  Tudeh Party, and the party’s Women’s organization’s was announced illegal, members widely arrested.

Ghahraman arrived in Toronto, Canada after spending 5 years seeking asylum in Turkey.

In the past two decades,  living in exile in Canada, she devoted the voice to gender,  gender identity, and then, sexual orientation.

She has published four collections of poetry, and a collection of short fiction, numerous articles, essays, reports, and editorials; read and spoke in poetry readings, panel discussions, and such. Saghi Ghahraman co-founded the Iranian Queer Organization – IRQO . She is the president of IRQO, and chief-edited Cheraq  alternately with several other chief editors of the magazine from 2007 to 2013.

She has initiated and coordinated Gilgamishaan Publications since 2009.

She blogs at

Her English poetry have appeared in Amnesty International’s 2000 Collection of Poetry, Diaspora Dialogue’s TOK, and the Calgary-based quarterly The Filling Station.

Before determining to lead IRQO, she read extensively in Farsi and in English at various poetry readings, festivals, panels; was a visiting editor at Descant (through the PEN Writers in Exile program); writer-in-residence at the Owen Sound Public Library; showed her Collection of Photos in 401 Gallery, Richmond Toronto, and Da Last Studio, Chicago.

Born 1957, Mash’had, Iran
Education: Persian Literature, University of Tabriz – 1974 to 1981


Of Lies, Afra publication, Toronto, 1998

And The Whore Is The Saviour, Afra publication, Toronto, 1999 

Saghi Ghahraman. That is AllAfra pubication, Toronto, 2003

My Hand Reaching Into My Own Self , E.Book, Gilgamishan publications, 2009

And then, all of a sudden, E.Book, Gilgamishan publications, 2009

Short Fiction

But When You Are Lonely, It’s Painful to be CowAfra publishing, Toronto, 2003







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